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Skin Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

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Skin Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

At MoleScope, we strive to provide a high standard of personal and ongoing care for our patients, by using
state of the art technology and employing only highly skilled doctors with a passion for detecting skin cancers.

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Our Difference

Skin Cancer College of Australasia Accreditation - After completing several years of study, training and examinations through the 1,000 member Skin Cancer College of Australasia (SCCA) our doctors have joined a small group of over 80 college-accredited Skin Cancer Doctors in Victoria. Most Skin Cancer Doctors in Australia are not college-accredited and many are not even members of the college. For your safety and assurance, check the ‘Locate-a-Doctor’ directory on the SCCA website:


We use professional D-SLR and mirrorless cameras and studio flashes to take “conference quality” high definition images showing detail not possible in images from computer cameras or mobile phone devices.

Minimal Surgery

With our dermoscopy skills and experience we can detect very early skin cancers - largely avoiding the removal of harmless ('benign') skin lesions.

Second Opinion Service

We are very happy to review lesions that others have recommended for removal. This is important when 3 or more moles have been claimed to be dangerous or a mole located on the chest or face, or the patient is a child or teenager.

No Referral Required

A GP referral is NOT required to see a SCCA College Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor at Molescope. Urgent cases will always be offered an early appointment. Please call our friendly caring staff on 9725 3003 or make an appointment online.


Molescope skin Cancer clinic has been operating for over 10 years with thousands of satisfied patients regularly attending our clinic in Mooroolbark. All our doctors have had many years’ experience in skin cancer diagnosis and devote individual personal care to all of their patients.

Our Doctors

Dr. Geoff Bartlett

Dr. Geoff Bartlett

MoleScope Founder, SCCA Accredited

MB,MS BE(Hons), D(Obst) RCOG London
Certificate of Advanced Dermoscopy (Uni.Qld)
Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery (SCCA)
Australian Diploma of Dermoscopy (SCCA)

Dr. Maged Boules

Dr. Felicity Cotton

MoleScope Doctor

MB, BS (Hons) Monash University
DCH, University of Sydney
Certificate of Dermoscopy, SCCA
Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine (SCCA)
Advanced Clinical Certificate of Dermoscopy (SCCA)

Dr. Poobalan Naidoo

Dr. Poobalan Naidoo

MoleScope Doctor, SCCA Accredited

MB.BS., Master of Medicine (Uni.Qld), FRACGP
Diploma of Dermoscopy (SCCA)
Diploma of Skin Cancer Medicine & Surgery (SCCA)
Fellowship Pt 1 (SCCA)

Can You Spot The Melanoma?

We are located at 256 Hull Road, Mooroolbark, Victoria

Making an Appointment

You do not need a GP referral. Your first visit will usually take 20-30 minutes for a thorough head-to-toe dermoscopic examination and photography by one of our SCCA qualified skin cancer doctors.
We offer a discount for Aged Pensioners and children under 16 years of age.

Types of Appointments

Initial consultation, FULL BODY SKIN CHECK - up to 30 minute appointment, depending on skin type and number of moles. $220 including dermoscopy and photography if required, there is NO additional charge for these services.
(Medicare rebate $75.75 paid back into your registered bank account, usually within 24 hours)

Initial consultation, SPOT CHECK - 15 minute appointment, to check up to 3 moles/spots of concern. $110 including dermoscopy and photography if required, there is NO additional charge for these services.
(Medicare rebate $39.10 paid back into your registered bank account, usually within 24 hours)

Make an Appointment Online

or give us a call on 03 9725 3003

The MoleScope Story

Dr. Geoff Bartlett
I’m Dr. Geoff Bartlett – the founder and CEO of Molescope (Australia) a graduate of the University of Melbourne in the faculties of Engineering and Medicine. Throughout my 40 years of work in Medicine I have had a strong interest in diagnosing early skin cancer - at a curable stage.

When I began my medical career 43 years ago, there was no reliable way to detect early melanomas. Surgical removal for microscopic examination was the only way to diagnose a melanoma and many people had dozens of scars from attempts to find an illusive melanoma.

TODAY - Two big developments have changed all that – digital photography and dermoscopy.

We all know how digital photography has made recording of images so much easier but not many know about dermoscopy.

Dermoscopy uses a special optical device or camera to see deep inside the skin – revealing important structures inside skin lesions. Over many years medical researchers have studied these structures creating the new science of dermoscopy - a powerful way of telling apart harmless moles from cancerous ones – avoiding unnecessary surgery.

Dermascope Camera
Dermoscopy it is still a complex science requiring years of study and experience to master.

I completed 2 years of training with the Skin Cancer College of Australasia (SCCA) and commenced my first Molescope Clinic in 2010 combining dermoscopy with a lifelong love of photography. We now have 4 highly-experienced doctors at Molescope offering expertise in early skin cancer diagnosis using high resolution D-SLR cameras (as preferred in SCCA training courses).

We offer long consultations for a full body review – including any necessary photography - and brief consultations for a quick access ‘one-spot check’ or a ‘second opinion’.

A second opinion may be helpful if you have been advised elsewhere that your child or teenager requires surgery (rarely necessary) or if you have been advised that many skin lesions all need surgical removal (also rarely necessary!).

Thank you for considering Molescope for your peace-of-mind skin examination.

A GP referral is NOT required to see one of our doctors and all our services attract a Medicare rebate.

Dr. Geoff Bartlett

Molescope is a business name registered in Australia and is not in any way associated with a Canadian ‘Molescope’ do-it-yourself device - claimed to help people self-monitor their own moles.

In our opinion, early skin cancer diagnosis is a serious and complex skill requiring years of training and experience using only the best professional diagnostic equipment available.

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